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Clean Bill of Health

by DAVID GOODFELLOW on 07/20/17

In the last 10 days I went to my cardiologist, who gave me a "clean bill of health"; to my normal doctor, who also gave me a "clean bill of health". And, finally, to my dermatologist, who gave me a "clean bill of health" too. I wonder why they want to see me in six The cardiologist and doctor (aside from the yearly wellness appt) visits are due to my hospitalization a few years ago for kidney stones which resulted in kidney failure which in turn affected my heart. The dermatologist was for a "cancerous" spot on my nose a few years ago and is for regular body check up.

Anyway...I got a "clean bill of health" from them. I wonder if we went to the Great Physician if we would get a "clean bill of health"?

I guess many of us would say it depends upon the day. Jesse Duplantis likes to say we have "fits of carnality." 1 Corinthians 2:14 - 3:9 describes three types of people. In chapter 2 he describes the natural person (unbeliever) and the spiritual person (spirit filled Christian). In chapter three he describes the carnal or fleshly person (a Christian who is not walking in the Spirit).

You are one of these three types. How would the Great Physician describe you?

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