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by DAVID GOODFELLOW on 09/06/18

I have some questions for you. If you were to die today would you be assured that you would go to heaven? If Jesus came back now would you go with Him?


Sometimes we question, not doubt, but question or wonder about basic things in the Christian faith. Questions like, "How can I be assured I am going to heaven?" "Can I believe what the Bible says?" "How do I deal with worry, doubt, and fear?" "How can I become more like Christ?" "Who am I in Christ?"


Do you ever feel like you and God have drifted apart and that the love and joy you once experienced with Him has faded? If you do, you're not alone. Most Christians feel like the experiences they have with God diminish over time and that they need another touch. But is that the way it should be?


I think a lot of Christians are taught that Christians are like leaky buckets: like a bucket full of holes, we must continually be “refilled”. God touches our lives and we become excited about it, but then—within a short period of time—we’re back to being just as empty and needing something special from the Lord. It’s an up and down ride.


How many have, or know of someone who has, experienced a spiritual high in some form or another and were all excited about the Lord, and then, after a period of time, it faded away? I’ve talked with many people who have, and they say something like: “I know this won’t last long. It never does. In a month or so I’ll be back to where I was—but I’m enjoying it now!”


Although this is what most people experience, it’s not what the Lord taught. He told us that we’re supposed to go “from glory to glory,” not from pit to pit (2 Cor. 3:15-18). We are not supposed to just struggle all the time. Our relationship with God can be on the up and up…not the ups and downs that most of us experience.


A daily walk with God can stop the up and down experiences we have. Yes, we will face hardship, problems, temptations etc., but we will be walking with the Lord and thus trust Him to help us through those rough times. We will also have some “extra” exciting times with the Lord: maybe a worship service, Bible Study, seminar, retreat, concert, some special event, etc. where we are touched by God is some special way. These blessings just encourage us to continue walking with God each day.


If you want to “hear” more, I will be preaching on this on September 23.




Pastor David

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