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Rhode Island Flag

by DAVID GOODFELLOW on 05/18/17

I was in my second office and was listening to a conversation between a man and a young boy. The man was asking the boy some trivia questions. He asked him what was on the state flag of RI.
The boy answered an anchor. The man asked him what was written on the flag. He responded, "Hope". I was impressed with the young boys knowledge, as I could not have answered it.
The question for you is: where does that come from?
It's quite fascinating. If you know the answer or want to give it a try, leave a comment. Thanks
I was impressed with the man. He was quite learned and was not ashamed of the gospel. (He had a voice that carried, so anyone could hear him). For your info, many Jewish folk come to my second office.
The man unashamedly said that the "anchor" and "Hope" come from the Bible. More specifically, Hebrews 6 and verse 19 to be exact.

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